Tonight It's Poetry

Sundays at 8pm | Amigos Cantina | Only 5$!

How do I Get Involved?

To Participate in a Slam:

Check out the Events page to see when the next slam is coming up and sign up!

Just make sure you show up a little early to the Slam Night and register with the TiP staff at the door to confirm your spot.

It is very important to read the rules and check out some examples of other slam poem performances before you try this.

To Participate in a Community Stage:

If the raw adrenaline of putting your poetry on the line – head to head – in a life and death score battle with the rest of the competitors you can sign up to the community stage by getting in touch with us via email, on facebook or show up a little early (8:00pm) and talk with the TiP staff.  You will typically only have about 5 minutes to share your poetry on stage so be mindful of that.  Check out more information on our community stage page.

To Volunteer:

We are always in need of people to help with the door, scorekeeping and writing jokes for hosts.  If you’re interested in volunteering then fill out the Volunteer Application and let us know what you’re passionate about helping with.

I don’t want to do anything I just wanna give you money to help you do what you do:

Well thanks that is really nice of you. You can donate to us directly at one of the poetry nights or Contact Us for paypal or bank transfer options.