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2013 Saskatoon Slam Team

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013

2013 Saskatoon Slam Team

Danielle Altrogge has always been a lover of language. A self-identified poet from a young age, Danielle didn’t even know Spoken Word existed until she stumbled upon the Tonight It’s Poetry community three and a half years ago. It was love at first slam and she has never looked back. Danielle loves not only being on stage but working behind the scenes to expand poetry’s reach in the bridge city by helping run both Tonight It’s Poetry and Write Out Loud. A Pharmacy Technician by day, Danielle is nearly finished her Honours English Degree and hopes to pursue Graduate studies so she can find even more excuses to talk about Spoken Word Poetry. She really loves bows, and dancing, and city-lights. Most of all, she loves poetry.

Brendan Flaherty has called himself a lot of things, but he never imagined “poet” to be included in that list. This has made his participation in the 2013 Saskatoon Poetry Slam team a bit of an anachronism, since it would seem that being a poet might be a prerequisite of sorts for inclusion on a team of this variety. He might not self-identify as a poet, but he certainly enjoys language, especially when spoken aloud, and especially when spoken aloud out of his own mouth. When not hosting his radio program or shuffling from one part-time job to the next, he can be found on stages in front of microphones or facilitating spoken word poetry workshops with Write Out Loud. These certainly don’t seem like the activities of a poet, do they?

Mild mannered radiologist by day, kick-ass spoken word artist by night; Brent Chappell is kind of a poetry superhero. More Spiderman than Superman though. Full of angst and self doubt. He’s not sure he knows how he ended up on poetry stages, so many decades after his creative best-before date. He thinks it may have resulted from sitting at the front at Tonight It’s Poetry and getting Charles Hamilton’s radioactive poet sweat/spittle juice on him. In any case he is loving the ride, even though his daughters have bluntly informed him he shouldn’t be wearing skin-tight spandex outfits at his age….ever.

Francie Millar is a life lover and registered massage therapist with MTAS. She owns a private rehabilitative practice in Saskatoon. Francie spends her time hoola-hooping, laughing, and being inspired by the wonderful people in her life. She started writing poem utensils 8 years ago and is ecstatic to have made Team Saskatoon in her rookie season. Her heart-felt exuberance, singing, and storytelling held TiP spellbound this year. She is a facilitator with Write Out Loud and is passionate in sharing her love of poetry, empowerment, and human expression with Saskatoon and its youth. Francie wears many swank dresses and a voodoo-unicorn-penis-amulet at all times.

Ahmad Majid has had a fascination with words and has been surrounded by hip-hop music for as long as his memory serves. After being born and growing up in Canada, he moved to the Middle East for two years when he was 10 years old. When he came back, the societal changes towards Arabs, Muslims, and War were all very extreme. This fueled his writing process and became an outlet for his often confused and conflicting thoughts. He began producing his first poems and verses when he was 14 but it wasn’t until he was 18 did he bring his words to life on stage. His style usually combines clever rhyme schemes while still addressing important political and social issues.

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