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2012 Saskatoon Slam Team

Posted by on Jan 13, 2013

2012 Saskatoon Slam Team

Saskatoon’s 2012 slam team guarantees an eclectic and arousing spoken word performance. They touch on social, political, romantic, vengeful, and all sorts of colourful human experiences through wthym, wyme, and a cadence akin to a tiger’s purr. Just come out because somehow they can’t do themselves justice through plain text.

Brent Chappell
Brent Chappell considers himself a born again poet. He has accepted Shane Koyczan as his Lord and Savior. He has been baptized under the spray of the poorly functioning beer taps at Lydia’s. Through spoken word he has found tranquility and healing and grace. He has been saved!

Isaac Bond
Isaac is an English graduate who works as a home support for individuals with disabilities. Being a writer and a rapper, his transition into performance poetry has been a splendid blending of passions.

Simon Wourms
Simon Wourms, born into the feral streets of rural Saskatchewan, has been writing unabashed for two years. A disciple of  Dyonisis, he lives for libations and poetry. Alas, he is dry so now he only writes: arguably, it is poetry.

Shanda Stefanson
Shanda Stefanson grew up in on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. Her first experiences with performance poetry were in competitive speech arts in small town musical festivals where she moved on to compete at a provincial level. Her first job was writing a gossip column for the local newspaper. She fell in love with spoken word poetry after being introduced to it through Tonight it’s Poetry and focused her creative juices (and competitive spirit) on creating poems for the stage, which combines her love of performance and her more private poetry practice in a way she finds very exhilarating.

Khodi Dill
Khodi Dill is an emerging spoken word artist who has been slamming since 2010. Often writing about relevant social justice issues, he has been described as a political poet with a captivating style. His poetry offers a distinct hip hop sound in which mixed rhyme schemes carry powerful images and convey stark social ironies. Khodi is not afraid to push the envelope by writing from outside of his own experience to tell the stories of multiple marginalized identities, an act aimed at building solidarity across oppressed groups. Khodi is currently a Master’s student at the University of Saskatchewan, where he studies anti-oppressive education.

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