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2011 Saskatoon Slam Team

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013

2011 Saskatoon Slam Team
Ahmad Majid is a new member of the Saskatoon Slam Team. He has been writing poetry and rap songs since he was 14, but only in the last few years has he brought his words to life on stage. Being an Iraqi Canadian in a post 9-11 world has influenced his work to be focused on social and political awareness and change. His influences include rap artists such as 2pac, Immortal Technique, and Blue Scholars, as well as spoken word legends Shihan, Black Ice, and Suheir Hammad. Ahmad is currently attending the University of Saskatchewan achieving a dual degree in Sociology and and Political Studies.
Khodi Dill  is an emerging spoken word artist who has been slamming since 2010. Often writing about relevant social justice issues, he has been described as a political poet with a captivating style. His poetry offers a distinct hip hop sound in which mixed rhyme schemes carry powerful images and convey stark social ironies. Khodi is not afraid to push the envelope by writing from outside of his own experience to tell the stories of multiple marginalized identities, an act aimed at building solidarity across oppressed groups. Khodi is currently a Master’s student at the University of Saskatchewan, where he studies anti-oppressive education.
Charles Hamilton  is a spoken word artist and journalist based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  He is the Executive Director and Slam Master of Tonight It’s Poetry, Saskatoon’s only weekly poetry series.  He is three-time captain of the Saskatoon Slam Team and the 2011 Grand Slam Champion.  He has performed in venues across Canada, sharing his work everywhere from  high school classrooms to music festivals. In 2009 he represented Saskatoon at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship in Berkeley California.  Hamilton has shared the stage with such spoken word legends as C.R. Avery, Shane Koyczan, Mike McGee, R.C. Weslowski and Brendan McLeod.  When he is not performing poetry Hamilton works as a reporter for the StarPhoenix in Saskatoon. He has one self-published chapbook entitled Eulogies.
Nicole Almond is a three-time returning member of the Saskatoon Slam Team. She has been creating performance poetry for two years, first inspired by the spoken word band Tons of Fun University and member Shane Koyczan. She is also an aspiring singer/songwriter who draws influence from caffeine, the beat poets, and stand-up comedians. Her favorite writers include slam poetry hero Jeffrey McDaniels, author Charles Bukowski, and folk singer Jeffrey Lewis. She prefers to write casual, yet poignant pieces about the seemingly trivial and ordinary, illuminating the little beauties in everyday life that everyone can relate to.
Simon Crucifer Wourms fancies himself to be a would-be poet, since stumbling into the slam scene last fall. A life time fan of slick sentences, metal, deconstruction, fantasy, and performance, he tries to bring it all to the stage but usually just manifests some form of creative abomination. He is known for his light-hearted humour, dry sarcasm and painfully accurate cynicism. He rides a golden chariot pulled by himself, for he is the time lord.

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