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Get Involved

Participate in a Community Stage

If the raw adrenaline of putting your poetry on the line – head to head – in a life and death score battle with the rest of the competitors puts you in a state of unease, you can participate in our Community Stage instead.  You can sign up by coming to the venue a little early (7:30 – 8:00 pm) and talk with the TiP staff.  You will only have about 5 minutes to share your poetry on stage so be mindful of that.  Check out more information on our community stage page.

Participate in a Slam

Check out the Events page to see when the next slam is coming up and sign up!

Just make sure you show up a little early to the Slam Night and register with the TiP staff at the door to confirm your spot.

It is very important to read the rules and check out some examples of other slam poem performances before you try this.

To Judge a Slam

So you like to be the judge, eh? No judgments here, that’s what we’re asking for!

Check out the Events page to see when the next slam is coming up, arrive before the show starts, and let the volunteers at the door know you are interested in participating. Remember that we try to choose judges that are impartial to the poets, so please don’t come just to give your daughter/uncle/best friend top scores.

Let’s be real, though, the chances of all of the judges not knowing any of the poets up on stage is rather slim, so we ask that you consistently follow your own set criteria for what you think is a “good poem”.

You will be given score cards and asked to rate each poem on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0, with 10 being the absolute best freaking piece of poetry you have ever heard!

Each slam has two rounds – please plan to stay for the whole show so that the scoring remains consistent. It will also be helpful for you to read the rules.

To Qualify for Slam Competitions

Come to slams regularly and bring your best performances. To qualify for the team or the individual poet slam competition, you must participate (and generally, place in the top 3) in at least 3 slams in the preceding season. Slam poets are ranked according to their placement in the monthly slams and the highest-ranking poets are invited to participate in the qualifying slams.

The season for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) runs September to April and the finals take place in May/June. The 16 highest ranking poets of the season are invited to perform in the semi-finals, and of those the top 8 go on to compete in the finals competition to determine the 5 whom will form a team to represent Saskatoon at CFSW.

The season for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS) runs from September to February. The top 8 poets are invited to participate in the CIPS Qualifier in March. Only one poet wins this slam and gets the chance to go to Vancouver to represent Saskatoon at the Verses Festival of Words in April.

To Volunteer

We are always in need of people to help with the door, scorekeeping, and hosting (or at least writing jokes for our hosts).  If you’re interested in volunteering then fill out the Volunteer Application and let us know what you’re passionate about helping with.

I don’t want to do anything, I just wanna give you money to help you do what you do

Well thanks that is really nice of you! You can donate to us directly at one of the poetry nights or Contact Us for PayPal or bank transfer options.