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COVID-19 Statement

The bee is not afraid of me,
I know the butterfly;
The pretty people in the woods
Receive me cordially.

The brooks laugh louder when I come,
The breezes madder play.
Wherefore, mine eyes, thy silver mists?
Wherefore, O summer’s day?

Emily Dickinson

To our beloved poetry supporters,

We want to update you on a few things that have been happening here at Tonight It’s Poetry given the COVID-19 pandemic. As you know, we’ve cancelled our regular, weekly shows. While we desperately wish we could see you all again, our shows will likely continue to be cancelled for the foreseeable future until it becomes safe to host them once again.

We have also temporarily laid off our two sole employees — our Administration Coordinator, Victoria Rideout, and Programs Coordinator, Elise Pallagi — due to our reduced activity and lack of admission income. Both of these individuals have graciously agreed to help Tonight It’s Poetry in volunteer roles. In the interim, the board of directors will assume the roles of our former employees ad hoc to carry out any necessary tasks during the pandemic.

If you wish to reach us, please send an email to the chairperson of the board, Jaylin Schell, at the usual email address: They will be responsible for coordinating Tonight It’s Poetry’s COVID-19 efforts and they will direct your message to the appropriate individual.

We hope that you can discover ways to find creativity in these difficult times.

The Tonight It’s Poetry Board of Directors