Tonight It's Poetry

Dedicated to spoken word poetry performance and community since 2008

Community Stage

The Community Stage is open performance space for artist to share their works. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through Saskatoon, you are welcome to step on to the Community Stage and gain some extra performance experience.

Each poet on the Community Stage receives five minutes, please prepare your set ahead of time so you manage the time appropriately during the show. We have a time restriction to ensure fairness and that the event will run smoothly. If you are interested in performing, please arrive 15-30 minutes early to sign up. We try to make space for all poets to participate, however because time is a reality (Curse You Linear Time!) we may need to limit participation to 12 poets, in which case priority will be given to performers who are new to our stage.

Feel free to take your performance where ever your creativity leads you: poets are welcome to make use of costume, props, duets, etc. The sky is the limit, but there is no pressure to approach the mic with anything other than your own body and voice. This is a place for everyone and all forms of poetry and content are appreciated.

Lastly, Tonight it’s Poetry also has a community merch table on which anyone can place product (published books, chapbooks, zines, CDs, etc), whether you’re performing or not. We do not take a commission. The table is managed by the Tonight it’s Poetry collective and trusty volunteers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Performance Guidelines

Tonight It’s Poetry’s stage is open to all spoken word performers regardless of gender expression, sexual orientation, race, political views and level of performance experience. We recognize that Tonight It’s Poetry occurs in an nineteen-plus performance venue. We welcome diverse viewpoints and support freedom of expression, but not in an absolute sense. 

Policy Statement

Tonight It’s Poetry receives the bulk of its funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board, as such we accept the following restrictions on performance content: 

1) No hatred or intolerance

2) No statements that transgress Saskatchewan or federal law

3) Indigenous material may not be used by non-Indigenous individuals, without permission from the Indigenous community. 

All TIP performers are responsible for what they say, and will be held accountable. Any audience member is free to approach a performer to discuss the content of the performance. If a board member receives a complaint from an audience member, host or other volunteer the performer will be contacted as soon as possible. Any response to a complaint is at the discretion of the Board.