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Five Treaty Six to Represent at CFSW 2018

2018 Saskatoon Slam TeamOne community, two parents, three indigenous peoples, four prairie born, and five powerful poets. We are the five Treaty six.

This year’s Saskatoon Slam Team is a powerhouse of talent, passion and words!  Kevin Wesaquate (poetik with a silent K), Elise Pallagi, Janelle Pewapsconias (ecoaborijanelle), Shaw Joseph (Overflo) and Victoria Rideout are bringing a glorious diversity of life experiences, poetry and performance styles that will represent Saskatoon and Tonight It’s Poetry well at this year’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Guelph, ON from October 28 to November 4. Our spoken word community is proud to be sending them to this national competition!  The festival is not just a competition but an educational and social conference, too.  These poets will have many opportunities to meet and learn from some of the most accomplished spoken word artists in the country.  They’ll also have a great time just soaking up the creativity and inspiration of being with other poets. We wish them well and know that they’ll return inspired and ready to bring new words to our stage!

October SLAM!

October Slam!It’s time for our second monthly poetry slam of the season! Poets enter into a two round competition of poems with a strict 3-minute time limit where all the poems are judged by folks throughout the audience. The top 5 go on to the second round and the winner of that round nabs a cool 50 bucks!

If you’ve never been to a poetry slam before, get over here! If you’re interested in competing, sign up will begin at Amigos at 7:30 on the night of the show.

Tonight It’s Poetry
October 29th // Amigos Cantina
Saskatoon — Treaty 6 Territory — Home of the Métis People
$5 // 8:00 PM
No one turned away for lack of funds

Anarchy Slam! Featuring Elise Pallagi

Anarchy SlamIt’s time for the wildest poetry slam of the year! Join us for the ANARCHY SLAM! Poets are encouraged to break all the rules.
Costumes? Wear ’em.
Props? Bring ’em.
Music? Play it.
Time limits? Break ’em.
*please note, the host reserves the right to cut you off if you take the time limit thing too far – still gotta respect the audience*

But all that aside, the gloves are off! Sign up starts at 7:30 PM.
Let’s get anarchic! The evening will also feature a set from our dear friend, Elise Pallagi!

Elise Pallagi is a poet and multi-disciplinary performance artist and a member of the 2017 and 2018 Saskatoon Poetry Slam Team. Elise’s work focuses on her personal experience and struggles as a transgender woman growing up and living in the Canadian prairie. As a performer, Elise has been a featured artist at The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Regina Word Up, Tonight it’s Poetry, The Saskatoon Pride Festival and The Ness Creek Music Festival and has performed at numerous shows and open mics across Canada. Combining elements of Vaudeville, Burlesque, subversive politics and roller derby with slam poetry, she likes to convey emotional authenticity and relatability in her work, that both moves audiences and touches hearts and minds.

Tonight It’s Poetry
October 21st // Amigos Cantina
Saskatoon — Treaty 6 Territory — Home of the Métis People
$5 // 8:00 PM
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Community Stage Featuring Overflo

Tonight It's Poetry Community featuring OverfloWe return after a week off on Thanksgiving with a community stage. Sign up at the door to read a piece or two (maximum 5 minutes, out of respect for the space you share). Our feature is one of the Slam Team members heading off to Guelph this Fall, Overflo aka Shawn Joseph!

In 2016 Shawn Joseph has made it on the slam team to represent Saskatoon at CFSW 2016 which took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. However due to some unfortunate circumstances he was unable to attend the event. In 2017 he went on to win many other poetry slams including a story telling slam. A year later he has redeemed himself and made the 2018 Saskatoon Slam team and is eager to compete in CFSW 2018 which will be held in Guelph, Ontario. Shawn is also a member of the Indigenous Poet Society and is happy to have friends from the same group who also made it on the 2018 slam team.

Shawn Joseph is Overflowin’ out of Big River First Nation, using complex rhymes to express complex thoughts, adding perspective to some of the most controversial topics. It is a must-see to experience the unforgetable noteriety of a lyrical mastermind.

Tonight It’s Poetry
October 14th // Amigos Cantina
Saskatoon — Treaty 6 Territory — Home of the Métis People
$5 // 8:00 PM
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Looking for a New Board Member or Two!

volunteerTonight It’s Poetry is a volunteer organization run by a volunteer board. We are recruiting for one or two board spots for the 2018 – 2019 season. We hope that you’ll be interested and available to serve for at least two seasons. Please fill in the application form (link below) and e-mail to by October 12 and we’ll be in touch after the 14th. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Tonight It’s Poetry!


Tonight it’s Poetry – Board Application

Community Stage Featuring Kevin Wesaquate!

Photo of Kevin Wesaquate with Tonight It's Poetry logo

Our season kickoff last week with ecoaborijanelle was super fun!  Tonight It’s Poetry is moving into its 11th season and we’re just getting started!  On Sunday, September 16th, you’re invited to our community stage!  Bring your poems (1 per poet or a maximum 5 minutes) to the Amigos spotlight.  Sign up at the door starts at 7:30 pm.  Our feature poet is Kevin Wesaquate!  Kevin is both a spoken word poet and a visual artist.  Kevin is the founder of Saskatoon’s Indigenous Poets Society and a member of Tonight It’s Poetry’s 2018 Slam Team.  He was TIP’s Slam Champion in 2017 and represented at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS) part of the Verses spoken word festival in Vancouver earlier this year. He is a community leader in Saskatoon.  He is from Piapot First Nation, where he learned the value of community.


September 16// Amigos Cantina on Dufferin at 10th

Saskatoon – Treaty 6 Territory – Homeland of the Metis People

$5 // 8:00 pm

No one turned away for lack of funds

SLAM! : Poetry Slam

It’s time for our fourth poetry slam of the season! Bring old poems, new poems, revamped poems, weird poems, angry poems … let’s slam all the poems! If you’ve never been to a poetry slam before, get over here! If you’re interested in...

First New Sh*t Slam!

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