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Posted by on Jun 21, 2020

We have been missing you on Sunday nights. Given that our in-person shows are likely to remain cancelled for the foreseeable future, the board of directors has been brainstorming how to stay connected during this time.

As such, we would LOVE to share your content! Send us your poetry videos or images so that we can keep doing what we do best: connecting poets to audience, providing audience engaging content, and building community.

Please EMAIL your submissions to along with any information you’d like us to share (your performance name, a short 1-2 sentence bio, links to your webpage(s), etc.).

There are some things you may wish to know about publishing poetry to social media:

-Posting content online is considered publication! This means that you may wish to reserve certain content if you wish to submit it later to a publisher or enter it into a contest, etc. It does not mean don’t share, just means choose judiciously!

The Facebook Terms of Service states that, once posted and until deleted (if that’s even possible, because deleting the initial post will not delete shares), Facebook has a (broad) license to use your work. There is no copyright transfer and Facebook does not own your content in any way. Tonight it’s Poetry cannot be held legally responsible for whatever happens to your content after it is posted.

-To continue to hold greater ownership of your work, you may wish to first load it onto your website or YouTube channel, then share the link with us instead.

-In accordance with SK Arts (which gives us funding we are so ever grateful to have), we will only share content that aligns with our performance guidelines.

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