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Saskatoon Slam Teams

Here is the list of the Saskatoon Slam Teams we’ve sent across the country (and sometimes across the city) to compete in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

2010 Saskatoon Slam Team

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2010 Saskatoon Slam Team

Megan Lane Megan Lane has been working as a musician/songwriter for the past eleven years, beginning her career at the age of twelve. Two years ago, Lane began to dabble in spoken word poetry. Taking some of the darker experiences from the road and turning them into poetry, Lane managed to place first in the 2009 Saskatoon poetry slam finals, and thus became part of Saskatoon’s first slam team, competing at the 2009 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Victoria, BC. Khodi Dill Khodi Dill has been writing poetry as well as fiction for over...

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