Tonight It's Poetry

Sundays at 8pm | Amigos Cantina | Only 5$!

About Tonight It’s Poetry (TiP)

Founded in April 2008, Tonight it’s Poetry was built to create a premier performance destination for poets in Saskatchewan and poets touring through the prairies. As well, it aimed to create cohesion among emerging poets living in Saskatoon in a site that celebrates poetic and cultural diversity.

Its initial palm-sized audience grew rapidly and forced the series to move from it’s original venue, FLINT,  to a much larger venue, Lydia’s Pub. After Lydia’s Pub closed in June of 2013, TiP relocated to The Bassment. Now, Tonight it’s Poetry has found a home at The Woods Alehouse(2nd Ave). Tonight It’s Poetry has created a significant stir in the Canadian Performance Poetry community, bringing in poets from all over the country to feature every week, including well-known Spoken Word artists Shane Koyzcan, C.R. Avery, Mary Pinkowski, Ian Keteku, and Mike McGee.

The Saskatoon poetry community has expanded to include a monthly youth series: Write Out Loud. Their monthly shows take place on the last Wednesday of each month at The HoneyBun Cafe(2nd Ave). Write Out Loud sent teams to represent Saskatoon at YouthCanSlam in 2013 and 2014 and intends to send another team to participate in the 2016 national festival.

Tonight It’s Poetry sent a Slam Team from Saskatoon to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word for the past seven years, and hosted the annual national festival in October 2012 and October 2015. The 2015 Saskatoon Slam Team won the 2015 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, highlighting the talent that lives in the bridge city. Tonight it’s Poetry has hosted hundreds of established and emerging poets.